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HelpDesk System Launched

As expected the new Helpdesk system has been launched at http://helpdesk.technodg.com. The new system has many new features to help our esteemed clientele to feel easy to handle the systems.

The system has been developed using PHP and MySql. The system is HTML5 and CSS3 ready. The new Helpdesk is enabled with support ticketing system for easy problem reporting. It will be helpful to maintain thread of communication between you and us.  Also there is option for escalation of tickets in case of complex issues or delays.

Every measure has been taken to make the system secured. The new Helpdesk system comprises –

1) A knowledgebase supprt system
2) Support ticketing system for better reporting and follow up of problems
3) Announcement section to inform you about our service issues
4) Online Newsletter system to inform you about our products, systems using periodical HTML newsletters

helpdesk system

technodg helpdesk system

The system at http://helpdesk.technodg.com is search friendly and it is linked with out official blog at https://technodg.wordpress.com. You will get more blog posts there about the services as well as day to day activities in TechnoDG.

We would like to request our esteemed clientele who have not registered in the Helpdesk system till now, to register themselves in the online system at http://helpdesk.technodg.com. Those who have already registered they do not need to register again. During migration from the old system, all the records has been successfully backed up and restored at the new system.

As always, we are eager to get your feedback, that is necessary for us to get an idea of the system launched and check flaws (if any) in this modern communication tool for better communication between you and us.

Thanking you,

Warm regards

Team TechnoDG