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Search Engine Submission Basics

There are many myths in the web about the better positioning, top ranking of the websites in search engines. Today our discussion will be based on our realization in all these long years.

for last 13+ years Techno Developers Group (TechnoDG) is actively engaged in promotion of better positioning of websites in search engines. The process have many steps and practically speaking there is no shortcut to reach at the top in organic or ethical way. Search engine subnission is a practice whihc helps getting good results in search engines more specifically in google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo.com.

For better understanding, We can divide the total process of search engine optimization promotion and submission to two parts.

1) On page SEO
2) Off page SEO

1) On page SEO is basically to prepare the website for better ability of the website or better preparedness of the website for search bots which will help boost the rank factors while using particular keywords or key phrases.

On page SEO comprise many factors like –

Proper Title of the content or the web page
Meaningful Meta description of the web page
using meta Keyword (although this is almost obsolute in these days)
Proper usage of H1, H2, H3, H4 tags in accordance with the W3 guideline
Limiting number or Javascript files, Inline CSs files, Jquery files
Usage of print friendly CSS
Good quality keyword rich unique content but please no spamming of keywords
Proper Text and HTML ratio
Using image alt tag
Limiting excess image usage
Naming of all images in subjective manner
No usage of Flash animations
Defining text only menu
Proper naming of all the web pages or normalization of the web pages







2) Off page SEO is external factor which are necessary for website rankings. And this process generally starts after taking care of the ‘On page SEO’ factors.

Off page SEO is –

Submission of the website name to major search engines
Linking and promoting the website in Social Media, Sharing
Profiling in directory websites
Listing in web directories
Regular Blogging
Creating credible backlinks
Make business listing in online locations (maps)
make periodical announcements / press release
subjective article creation and submission in article based websites
Creation of of robot.txt file
Creation of sitemap and submission through webmaster tools
Creation promotional videos and promote through youtube channel

These are the few major things which can help the search engine promotion but it does not specify that these are the only factors. There are many related factors which are helpful in gettig a good result. understanding search engine is a big subject and the technology is constantly changing. So, the best way is to keep your self updated and change regularly

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Thanks and regards

Team TechnoDG